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Earth & Fire Yoga Flow & Meditation at Earth and Aerial Yoga at 7PM on Saturday, January 28, 2023.

  • Awaken dormant energy, reconnect with your inner fire and experience deep relaxation in the Earth & Fire Flow and Meditation class. This 75 minute class brings together meditation, breath-work, a fiery yoga flow, calming restorative poses, an extended savasana and hands-on energetic connection. No experience necessary. The Earth and Aerial Yoga Studio is located at 43 Broad St, Hudson, MA.

    Register: Earth & Fire Flow & Meditation at Earth and Aerial Yoga at 7pm on Sat., Jan. 28th.

About Katelyn Willis

I have felt the phenomenal benefits from practicing yoga and mindfulness exercises and want to share these techniques with anyone interested. My certifications and training include; 500-RYT, Clinically Informed Restorative Chair Yoga certified, Balanced Athlete® Level 1 certified, a Yoga Shred® Teacher, a Reiki Master, completing another 200 hours as an assistant to a yoga teacher training and a certified Meditation Guide. Along with my training and certifications, I have also spent time practicing to explore and expand my own inner space. I believe in what I teach because this practice has helped me feel centered, over and over again.

I design my classes to include movement, breath-work, meditation, complimentary music and hands-on energetic connection, all to help my students find their own version of internal peace.

My ideal day includes yoga, being with my wonderful husband and sweet daughter, collecting and listening to music and editing videos.

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Yoga & meditation classes guided by Katelyn Willis

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